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If you do not see your country represented, send us pictures, including an odometer picture.
Si usted no ve su país representado, enviarnos fotos, incluyendo una foto del cuentakilómetros.
Si vous ne voyez pas votre pays représenté, nous envoyer des photos, y compris une image de l'odomètre.
אם אתה לא רואה את המדינה שלך מיוצגת, לשלוח לנו תמונות, כולל זריקת מד מרחק.
إذا كنت لا ترى مثلت بلدك، ترسل لنا الصور، بما في ذلك اطلاق النار عداد المسافات.
Eğer ülke temsil görmüyorsanız, bize bir kilometre sayacı atış dahil fotoğraflarını gönderin.
Если вы не видите в вашей стране представлены, присылайте нам фото, в том числе одометра выстрела.
Jei nematote savo šalies atstovus, atsiųskite mums nuotraukas, įskaitant odometro smūgį.
Ако не видите своју земљу представља, пошаљите нам слике, укључујући и мерач пређеног пута пуцао.
Kama huna kuona nchi yako kuwakilishwa, tutumie picha, ikiwa ni pamoja na odometer risasi.

We have a new addition to the Moon-and-back Club (over 500,000 miles) - check it out in the gallery

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UPDATE (5/15/10)! UPDATE (11/5/10)! UPDATE (10/31/11)! UPDATE (6/14/14)! Sorry, folks, with the 2013 issue of the Lifebook we are no longer in SoA's good graces, and as of today the Lifebooks do not appear to be available on the SoA website anywhere I can find. If you know otherwise, please let me know via private email. We will, of course, continue to make our t-shirts and bumper stickers available, and anyone ordering a t-shirt will get a free bumper sticker and a copy of the 2010 Lifebook, hard copy, which was the first official SoA publication to recognize us. UPDATE (8/22/15)! Apparently the Lifebooks *are* still available, but SoA does not make it easy to find.

You may click here. If that does not work, one needs to go to the "Shopping Tools" dropdown menu, select "View a brochure" on the right-hand side of the menu, select "Full Line of Vehicles" and then one is presented with other dropdown menus where one may select model year and type of brochure. Keep in mind the Club is only mentioned in the 2010, 2011, and 2012 Lifebooks. Download them while you can. If SoA takes down all references to the SHMC then these links will go away.
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The Subaru High Mileage Club exists to provide a forum for owners of Subaru vehicles that have gone over 100,000 miles (160,000 km) with no major mechanical failures. Of course, information provided here may be used by anyone to increase the longevity of their vehicles.

Club members are asked to be totally honest about the care their vehicle has received resulting in long vehicle life. We believe that you do not need to inflate claims to make a Subaru look good, and providing false information helps no one.

As this site grows, members will be recognized at each multiple of 100,000 miles with a certificate outlining their accomplishment and the model of vehicle they own. Also a photograph of them with their vehicle will also be published on this site if they desire.

For now, I would like to hear from you here.

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Rich & Sherry

Hey! Have you seen those ads on TV for one of those “other” Japanese car companies? A woman in her pickup cajoles a couple of guys into taking her picture with her truck to celebrate the place she was when her truck passed 200,000 miles? What about the ads a couple of years ago for the same car company where they featured a number of different people with over 100,000 miles? How come Subaru doesn't do that? If you get a chance, contact Subaru, ask the dealers, anything to get their attention. Ask them why.

UPDATE (7/15/09)!Subaru now is starting to recognize us in an official capacity! We can't divulge exactly how or when, but stay tuned here for details as they become available. We reward those loyal followers.
UPDATE (8/3/09)!It is now official. The hard copy of the Subaru Lifebooks have been shipped. We received our 50 today. We will be giving one away to each of the first 49 Subaru fans who buy something from us. We have not decided what those somethings are, but stay tuned for the rest of the story. You may download a free PDF version from Subaru. Go to www.subaru.com, click on the Shopping Tools menu and select the Request Brochure option, then scroll down under Download a Brochure and select "2010" from the "Select a Year" dropdown menu and "Lifebook" from the "Select Brochure" dropdown menu. It is a pretty big file (about 3.3MB) so if you have a dialup connection, please be prepared to wait a while. We are on page 11 of the PDF and pages 18-19 (smack dab in the middle) of the hard copy.

We love a good story! If you attach a photograph to your e-mail, I will get started on publishing the pictures on this site. If you do not have a digital photograph, snail mail me a regular photo at the above address and I will scan it. If you want to receive a certificate of accomplishment, please provide a full postal address. I am also thinking of creating some kind of medallion which will be suitable for mounting on your vehicle if desired. I would only charge my cost whatever that is. I will publish a picture of such a medallion on this site when I come up with one. I am open to ideas.

Disclaimer: There is no legal link between this site, Subaru of America, Fuji Heavy Industries or any of their subsidiaries, divisions, dealers or employees. All information contained within is to be used at your own risk. Neither the Subaru High Mileage Club, its officers, its members, or its affiliates are in any way liable for damages caused by use or misuse of information contained within

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