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  We will take non-dealer ads from people who want to buy Subarus and accessories.  This is free of charge.   You are not under any obligation to pay anything.   As long as the service is not abused, and as long as I can afford to spend the time doing this I will continue to do so.

   Sellers, if you buy something from a person who found out about you via this website, then you may send whatever you think the service was worth.  There is a publication around here that charges a commission on what it sells, up to a maximum amount.  We could say 1% up to a maximum of $50.00. Again, this is only a SUGGESTION.

   Buyers, please make sure you tell the buyer that you found out about their Subaru or accessory via this site.  Please also notify us if you inquire about a Subaru or accessory advertised here. Sellers: your ad will stay here until you notify us that your Subaru or related part is sold.

   Oh, and one other thing, you can sell anything on this site with confidence and accept MasterCard or VISA using a service called  PayPal . All you need is the e-mail address of the person you want to send money to.

African Scam Warning!!!


Please le me know if you know where I can find a steering rack for a Subaru 1974 the model with the round head lights (DL?). Can you help me?
The reason for asking is that I am intending to assemble it in an Austin Healey -63 which I am presently restoring.

Kind regards


Lennart Persson
Box 4179
SE 203 13 MALMÖ

Tel: +46 40 97 51 50
Fax: +46 40 97 93 20
Mob: +46 70 629 06 66

Here is recent wanted. hopefully gets posted?

application: 1984 Subaru GL 4x4 wgn parts needed: complete 4-speed transmission.... might be easier then replacing the synchronizer rings that are worn?

OR - better yet.... the 1st - 2nd and 3rd - 4th syncro hub assemblies complete. If these parts are available I can fix the transmission I have instead of buying another whole trans?

236,000 miles on this 84 and it runs GREAT! ...... I sold it then got it back again. ha! ha! The car just follows me home.

I'm a private party, not a dealer or shop. Any help appreciated to keep this 84' Subaru marching towards 300,000 miles.

mike snay
orcutt, ca
Subj: Re: Center console
Date: 12/19/2005 5:36:36 P.M. Eastern Standard Time
From: Anthony
To: Shmc001

My name is Anthony, I live in East Hartford, CT, and I need a center console for my 1997 Outback Sport. If you have one or know of a place I could get one (short of buying it new at the dealer) then please get back to me.
Subj: Somebody bought something Subaru related
Date: 6/11/2003 9:37:35 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Diane

Hello! I am looking for a plastic cargo tray that would fit in the back of a 1997 impreza outback. I also need the cover that fits over the back seat to the door to conceal what might be in the back of the hatch. I am sure there are technical terms for these, just do not know what they are! If anyone wants to see either of these please email me at Thanks! Diane
Subj: Looking for A Brat
Date: 2/13/2003 10:12:09 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: Jack Jefferson


I would like to find a Brat, any model. Main requirements are good body and no rust. My location is Aledo, TEXAS (just west of Ft. Worth, TEXAS).
email: (weekdays only)
Home phone: 817 560 1155
Cell phone: 817 721 1155

Thank You

Jack Jefferson
Subj: Subaru High Mileage Club
Date: 2/10/2003 9:53:18 PM Eastern Standard Time

Hi Richard,

Would you please place a "part wanted" ad on your great site on my behalf? Thank you so very much!

WANTED - for 1983 Subaru Brat - front push bar. Would like the "small" type that attaches to front crossmember of vehicle, and wraps around the front bumper, between the headlamps. Willing to pay your asking price for this item ! Please contact at: ; thank you !
Subj: Subaru owner manuals
Date: 1/27/2003 8:01:09 PM Eastern Standard Time


I have just purchased a 1991 4WD 5 Spd Subaru Loyale Wagon. I am trying to locate an owners manual for this car. I have called the local dealers in my area, but no success. Will you please help if you know of any way to get an owners manual.

Thank you,
Subj: Looking for a good Brat
Date: 12/6/2002 9:53:25 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: Greg Dietrich


My name is Greg Dietrich and I would to say hello to all of you Subaru fans out there! My very first car was a hand-me-down 1978 Subaru Brat from my father. I loved the car sooo much I purchased a 1982 Subaru Brat. Well, I'm a little older now... I've been through many many cars since the mid-eighties, everything from a Dodge Stratus, Chevy Corvette's to a Porsche 550 Spyder replica. I guess now I'm feeling a little nostalgic...

Can any of you guys please help me find a 1980 or later Brat with A/C and minimal rust? It would sure make me happy!

Thanks guys!

From: Greg Dietrich
Subj: Subaru High Mileage Club
Date: 11/30/2002 11:45:03 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: Trudy Martin

Trudy Martin
Subj: subaru high miles club
Date: 7/19/2002 4:44:55 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Jeff Burdick

my name is Jeff Burdick and I own a 1982 subaru brat. The odometer says 260,000 (around there) but it doesn't have the original engine in it. In fact it is in the middle of a complete restoration (better than factory). Right now I am in the process of buying an engine and transmition from Rising Sun. It gets a body job at the end of the summer and by next school year (i'm a junior), It gets a paint job. I know this isn't ligit miles, and i really am not expecting to get in the club, but contact with it would be helpful, i need alot of parts, and alot of connections to get them. Any little bit would help. If I'm not eligible for the High Miles club, could you point me to an owners group? Thank you

-Jeff Burdick (
Subj: Subaru High Mileage Club
Date: 7/17/2002 4:23:07 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Erron Dawson

Hi! I really, really, really need a window regulator for a 1992 SVX drivers door window. If anyone can help please email me at A used part is preferable and I will pay for shipping if necessary. Thanks, Erron Dawson

p.s.- I could use an owners manual too, mine was lost by a previous owner =(
I am looking for an ABS Hydraulic Unit for a 1993 Legacy AWD Turbo. If you have one in good condition (must not leak, the one I have currently has a slow leak) please contact me, Rich, by phone, 603-425-5295, FAX, 208-279-9726 or email:
Subj: Subaru High Mileage Club
Date: 3/17/2002 4:49:46 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: Robin Bowers

I'm looking to buy an older Subaru (78-86) with carburated, non-Turbo engine. 4WD preferred, manual transmission a must. I'm located near Sacramento, CA. Contact me if anyone knows of one for sale. Thanks! Robin Bowers
Subj: Subaru High Mileage Club
Date: 3/7/2002 6:23:45 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: Dan
To: Shmc001

We are looking for a tail gate for a 1986 Subaru Brat. Would you happen to know where one could be found? It only has 249,000. Still running strong, but wore out the key and tail gate.

Thanks for any assistance!

Subj: Your turbo legacy
Date: 2/25/2002 12:53:54 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: Brett Cates

I have been searching for a 1991-1994 Subaru Legacy AWD Sport Sedan (preferably Silver or Black) for a replacement for my current VW GTI. The payments are incredible on this thing, and I need a Scooby.....
Help me!


Brett Cates in Santa Cruz,California
Subj: Subaru High Mileage Club
Date: 11/1/2001 5:14:08 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: Andrea Wright

I left a voice message also. I'd like to purchase a used Subaru, preferably (1995), but will consider older models. High mileage is ok if vehicle is otherwise in relatively good shape. I was hoping not to pay more than $2500.

Please contact me ASAP!

Andrea Wright
Baker Botts L.L.P.
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, N.Y. 10112
(212) 408-2549
(212) 705-5020
Subj: Classified Wanted Post
Date: 7/11/2001 9:54:40 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Jim McNabb

We have a 1988 Subaru DL station wagon with 166,000 miles. It's got the 1.8 engine, auto transmission and air conditioning.

This car has a Hitachi air conditioning compressor (Subaru used several different makes of compressors).

I need the rotation sensor that sits on the top of the compressor and hangs down in front of it. It's a small black plastic square about one and one half inches square with two wires coming out of it.

According to my mechanic, if you disconnect the sensor and test across the two leads with a meter it should show between 600-800 ohms. It should NOT test "open", I.E. unlimited resistance, if it does test "open" then the sensor is burned out and is no good.

If anyone has, or knows where I can find this sensor please let me know.

Jim McNabb
Subj: Subaru High Mileage Club
Date: 4/2/2001 11:34:35 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Gary E. Ramey
To: ('')


I am interested in purchasing a 1987 Brat, fully loaded, little to no rust, with rear seats. Am I dreaming? I hope not.

Gary E. Ramey
Subj: Subaru High Mileage Club
Date: 1/24/2001 3:35:32 PM Central Standard Time
From: Jeff Farrugia

Hi Richard, I am a Subaru nut from Sydney who owns eleven Yes (11) Subarus. I will be sending in photos soon so you can put them on the website. I still have my original Suby an 85 L series which was shiny when I bought it in 89 And now has just under 400,000 on the clock! I have a question which involves the L series wagon. I do quite a lot of camping in it and always seem to run our of whoomph in first low range. I beleive there is a lower range of low gearset available perhaps from somewhere in America but all my surfing has failed to find out where. I wonder if you or anybody can help me. My email is . Thanks

Regards Jeff farr
Date: 10/21/00 5:57:07 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Steve Goldstein

Hi Richard,
I'm thinking that one of the club members in the Southern California area might have a fresh Legacy 2.2 engine for sale (around 50,000 miles or so). This engine is going into a ' 90 VW Vanagon. %Thanks, Steven Goldstein (626) 398-9850

Several visitors to the Club website have gotten inquiries from different people, allegedly from Africa, looking to purchase vehicles listed for sale here.

Those are most likely SCAMS! I have gotten several inquiries myself, allegedly from Africa, asking to purchase vehicles which I do not even own! BE VERY CAREFUL BEFORE DEALING WITH THESE PEOPLE! If someone from Africa offers to buy a vehicle from you, get US$ cash in advance, or COD if they will not send cash, or credit card. Even if they are not from Africa, be very suspicious if they are offering a price that you know is way above book value for your vehicle.

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