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Subj: subaru high mileage club (EJ25D 2.5 Litre Quad Cam Engine)
Date: 12/13/2001 9:06:33 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: Brett Seabrook

Dear Richard,
Can you please post these questions and story, I tried once but I only got part of it on.

Iam a Kiwi from AKL New Zealand (southern Hemisphere somewhere below Australia!!) working and living in the UK and I thought theres only one place I trusted any advice from. I was wondering if anyone can give me some, I have just purchased a 98 Legacy Estate 2.5L EJ25D quad cam auto here in the UK. the vehicle has done 88,000 miles and is in reasonable order. When I bought it the vehicle it had no oil on the dipstick having been serviced (as it had all it's life) by Subaru dealer here in July of this year (2001) for 77,684 miles. The owner assured me he had never checked the oil since it was last serviced and once the oil was replaced I decided to take a chance and bought it !!

I was told by a UK dealer, this was not unusual to expect some oil usage (and that some turbos will use a great deal more !!!) and although this car does not appear to blow smoke, when you kick it down in Power Mode, you get a little trail (as you might expect). I understand this vehicles engine had it's heads replaced also about 10 or 15 000 ago as a result of a cooling problem.

I have a couple of questions I hope you might be able to give advice on, firstly I have noticed that this engine is very noisey on start up when it is cold outside temp around 0-9 degrees cent and the engine is on cold start up, I have been told by a dealer this is quite normal although in terms of wear, it sounds to me to be expensive. This engine noise only lasts for 30-60 seconds but it is a bit concerning.

Also since I have had the vehicle recently serviced myself in the last 3 weeks, I have noticed a slight drop in the engine oil on the dipstick, is there anything to worry about? can you give me any advice or do you know of anyone who can?.

Is this engine in need of an overhaul or reconditioning, or should I just drive it and stop worrying about nothing???

Appreciate your advice or anyone else you can recommend

Brett Seabrook
Subj: 1994 Subaru Legacy (AWD)
Date: 11/12/2001 8:35:42 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: Kevin Dietrick

Dear Richard,

I was visiting your website, and hope that you can provide some advice regarding repair work that I want to do on my 1994 Subaru Legacy. The CV boot on the passenger side became damaged, and I caught it very early (grease started to leak down on the exhaust system, which I noticed and immediately stopped driving the car). I would like advice, if possible, on two options for repair:

1. Replacing only the CV boot. I realize that this won't be a long term fix, but hope that it will be doable without removing the axle from the car.

2. Replacing the entire passenger side axle. I have done this on other cars, and so I have the general concept down. But I would like your advice on the procedures for the Legacy.


Kevin Dietrick
Subj: Subaru High Mileage Club
Date: 11/8/2001 8:20:12 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: Charles Nachtigal

I am changing the timing belts on my 86 wgn 1.8L. The instructions tell me to back the camshaft to about 25 ftlbs. in order to tighten the belt. Book calls for a special tool to grip camshaft sprocket. I can't find source for this tool. Is there another way to apply torque on the camshaft sprocket?

Charles Nachtigal
Subj: Subaru Help
Date: 10/22/2001 5:45:47 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

I saw on the internet that some people had e-mailed you for tech advice on Subaru's. I have a 1992 Legacy AWD. The prob I am having is that the idle is erratic and the check engine light will illuminate off and on! I had thought it might be the EGR sensor but would hate to spend the money just part swapping if I was not sure. Also as of late the vehicle has a hard time starting. I turns over just fine but acts like it is deprived of fuel. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

SSgt Thomas J Staples
Subj: Subaru High Mileage Club
Date: 10/9/2001 4:49:01 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Tim Yip

Greetings from Canada, Richard:

I am the original owner of a Canadian-spec '92 AWD Turbo Legacy with 203,000 kms on it. Major maintenance items: alternator, starter, a/c compressor. Other than that, just normal maintenance. Like you, I use synthetic oil and the car does not require additional oil between changes (every 8,000 kms, as prescribed by the owner's manual.)

I AM having problems with the brakes. In particular, the front disks keep warping. (I understand the brakes are a 'problem' item in this generation of Legacys.) I do not drive the car hard, nor do I brake hard. Yet, the original front rotors warped. I replaced them with Subaru OEM rotors; they warped. And this past spring, I installed a new set of Brembo OEM replacement rotors (and new Subaru OEM pads, just to be safe.) Frustratingly, the Brembos have now warped.

I am at my wits end to figure out a cure. Any similar experience with brake rotors warping on your '93??


Tim Yip
Lacombe, Alberta
Subj: Subaru High Mileage Club
Date: 10/17/2001 11:53:40 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Val et Gate

Nice website!

I have a 1993 loyale 4WD, 175 000Km, no problemo. I just bought a 1986 hi-lo dual range transmission (from a GL). I wonder if somebody could help me with the wireing of the transmission with the actual car electrical wires. I also got the dashboard of this GL to have the oil pressure gauge, voltmeter and ''LO'' light, when engaged.

I identified the back-up light switch on the transmission and the only one switch left on the transmission seems to be the 4WD switch. Or is it the ''LO'' switch? If so, where is the other switch? HELP.

I have the HAYNES manual for subaru 1600 and 1800 cc till 89 but no awnser.

Thank you !
Quebec, Canada
Subj: need help badly please
Date: 7/4/2001 5:14:49 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: KSS1097
To: Nv1z

Aloha from Hawaii
My name is Darryl Akiona and i live in Hawaii , I have a 1985 Subaru GL 1800cc 1.8L 5speed 4-door car. I had some small problem with thecar in the past and took in to get it fix and it always cost me a lot of money to get it fix , cause in our small town there is not a lot of subaru mechanic . now i have a new problem and can not aford to take it in to get it fixed, that is why this letter is being sent to you. my timing belt broke and i am willing to try and fix it my self , but i am not sure on the right steps to take, i read the book and it said to line up the lines on the fly wheel, but do i do any thing about lineing up the number one spark plug and so on. do you know where i can go to get the right step on this matter. is there a mechanic on the internet that i can e-mail to get answers. please help.
Darryl Akiona

ph: // fax : 1-808-329-1097
06/12/01 06:36:53 PM
What is your name? SONJA WHALEN Address 160 SHARRON AVE. City PLATTSBURGH State or county or province NEW YORK Zip or postal code 12901-3812 Are you a Subaru owner? 91 LOYALE WAGON 4X4 How many miles on it? 153,669 How many Subarus do you own? THIS ONE How do you like them? AWESOME Would you buy another one? ABSOLUTELY Why or why not? LAST A LONG TIME How did you find this Web Site? AOL SEARCH Do you have any comments? MY HAYNES MANUAL IS LACKING INFORMATION REGARDING A PROBLEM I'M HAVING WITH RIGHT SIDE POWER SEATBELT. MAYBE I'M JUST NOT LOOKING IN THE RIGHT AREA BUT I NEED SCHEMATIC OF THE POWER SEATBELT SYSTEMS. ANY HELP OUT THERE?
Subj: Subaru High Mileage Club
Date: 6/8/2001 7:45:25 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Hepler, Christine
To: ('')

I have a technical question. I have a 1980 1600 GL in good condition with 141000k miles, but it has a problem with it's oil pressure. It starts out fine but as the engine warms up the pressure drops and fluxuates, but is always below normal. It doesn't burn any oil and has no other problems, no funny engine noises etc. I have talked to several people about this and have gotten several different answers could you help me? Christy Hepler,
Thank you,
Subj: Subaru High Mileage Club
Date: 6/8/2001 5:48:52 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: erron

this is great!ive been surfing around trying to find out some a/c specs on my car and i am surprised to see how many subaru enthusiasts are out there.i was not one to begin with until i happened upon a 92 SVX it has converted me i will now own a subaru for a daily driver until they take away my licence.My name is Erron,i live in jupiter FL and as i mentioned i have a 92 SVX (w/ touring pack.).I just qualify for the club @115,000.I however have not been so lucky maintenence wise my driver side rear wheel bering has been replaced 4 times,what a nightmare,my a/c blows strong HOT air and im leaking oil from a valve cover gasket.The biggest problem in repairing these things is finding a mechanic that can & will work on my car.Despite the troubles i love my car and if theres anyone near me that would like to help me put some love and grease into my car they can contact me at
Subj: Subaru High Mileage Club
Date: 4/6/2001 11:52:07 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Tom Chanin

Please Help,
I have a '90 Legacy wagon with 177,000 miles that has a massive wind noise problem! When I go >50mph Tremendous noise comes from the leading edge of both front side windows. Is there a window adjustment to make a tighter seal with the weather stripping? Please let me know what I can do. Thanks Sooooo Much,
Tom Chanin -

(Webmaster's note: I have a little bit of the same problem with the driver's side front window on my 1993 Legacy Sport Sedan as well.)
(Webmaster's note: Here is an answer to a question Larry had from last summer, see original question below.)

Subj: Re: Overheating
Date: 4/15/2001 11:07:39 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Larry Johnston

My overheating problem last summer on my 1990 Subaru Loyal wagon was the result of two factors. 1) a radiator that was about to colapse and was loosing nearly all cooling fins - which I replaced with aftermarket, and 2) a bad cooling fan sensor which I replaced from a wrecking yard for $7. All works great now. You can trouble shoot the fan sensor by connecting the other sensor (the two are together in the back passenger side of the engine compartment - sorry I can't give a better description as the car now resides with my daughter in Milwaukee and with out looking at it I can give you a better description.)

Larry Johnston.
Subj: Subaru issue
Date: 3/30/2001 10:47:15 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: Jason Schmid

Hello, Could you post this to your technical questions section. I would really appreciate any help that folks might have to offer. I would love to keep my old subie going for another 200,000.

I've got an 88 GL part-time 4WD (5 Speed), 188,500 on the original motor (and trans as far as I know) History: check engine light comes on frequently under load going up hill. Usually when I would let the motor wind to high in 2nd or 3rd to get up a steep hill at a good speed. It would usually go off in minutes or as long as days. Longest it was ever on was 3 days or so. At idle with the light on, it would surge slightly 800rpm to about 1200rpm. light problem has been going since I got it at 152,000 miles on the clock.

Problem: yesterday at 55 mph, small clunk and jolt (like trans popping out of gear at that speed) and engine cut out. Will still crank when trying to start but won't turn over. When you turn the ignition switch it sounds normal like it will start for about a second and then a winding/screaching (not too bad) sound starts on top of the the normal cranking sound.

Other than this problem, never had anything but the normal Subaru oil leaks.

Thanks in advance
Jason Schmid
Subj: tech help?
Date: 7/13/00 2:48:14 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Tom Amato
To: Nv1z


great idea for a sight ---nice work too!

We have signed the guestbook with our 170,000mi loyal 4wd wagon.

no major mech engine problems, but we have gon through a few cv joints and ball joints, again , what more can you expect from a daily driver!

Recently we have had the "check engine" light come on. A "subaru" dealer mechanic told us it was almost always the coolent temp sender in the radiator, but after changing that twice ($80!) no change. All systems look good, good oil press, not running hot, actually cool1/4 on guage, plugs look good, no smoke and exhaust doesnt smell far shes been running like this for 20K miles, not a peep but the light stays on.

One funny thing, If the coolent sensor is removed and boiled, then replaced, the light will go off for about 10 min of running time, then back on! kinda has me stumped, and although I am not a certified mechy, Im not too bad.

Any ideas out there on where to look, or whom best to consult. I would really like to see 200K from this car, all other stystems work fine.

will send pics when we get the hardware to do so.

Thanks for the venue.

Tom Amato
Subj: 1988 Subaru DL, Please Reply ASAP
Date: 3/3/2001 8:46:51 PM Eastern Standard Time
To: Nv1z


   I have a 1988 Subaru DL White, it is a great car, I just put a used cataylic converter on it, i think it has a transmission leak because when i turn it off i spell oil burning but don't know where it comes from... When I put it on the interstate, it takes it a long time to move fast... I love this car and don't want to part with it, could you give me a few answers about this above.. It has almost 210,000 miles on it....
What is your name? Steve Knox
Address 18406 Maple Mill
City Cypress
State or county or province TX
Zip or postal code 77429
Are you a Subaru owner? yes
How many miles on it? 149100
How many Subarus do you own? 1
How do you like them? pretty well
Would you buy another one? probably not
Why or why not? parts availability
How did you find this Web Site? surfing links from ultimate subaru message board
Do you have any comments? I've lost faith in my '96 legacy because it intermittenly dies while stopped at a light & won't immediately start(what usually works is putting the heater on full blast for a couple of minutes. I get a CE light after these episodes, which eventually goes out. It does this also sometimes after making a brief stop at the store. Acts like vapor lock. I took it in to my mechanic(he said the code was a camshaft position sensor or something like that, but did'nt feel like that was the problem. Otherwise the car is great. I bought it in Sept 99 with 115k (for $5700) & immediately had a full tuneup w/ all fluids changed & a bake [sic] job. Have since put another 34k on it. Any ideas...I need to be able to depend on this car since I commute a long way.
11/02/00 06:54:33 PM
What is your name? Neal Edward Wagner
Are you a Subaru owner? Yes
If more than one Subaru, which is primary? 1986 Gl Wagon
How many miles on it? 133,500
How many Subarus do you own? 3
How do you like them? Love all of them
Would you buy another one? Definitely
Why or why not? They are cool, funky, and have great engines.
How did you find this Web Site? Surfing for Subaru sites
Do you have any comments? Are there any patch or replacement pieces for the rusted front subframe rails? All 3 of my Subarus have suffered from floorpan rust which has caused the rear suspensions to break on the 2 1983 hatchbacks. My wagon so far is OK. I discovered there was a factory recall about this, but what can be done so long after the recall?
What is your name? BILLIE J. & VIRGINIA PRICE
State or county or province FLORIDA
Zip or postal code 32216
Are you a Subaru owner? YES - 1992 LEGACY 2WD SEDAN
How many miles on it? 135,000
How many Subarus do you own? ONE
Would you buy another one? ABSOLUTELY! WISH I COULD NOW!
Why or why not? I haven't found anything better than Subaru.
How did you find this Web Site? Stumbled on it while looking for Trans. repair manual and owners manuals online.
Do you have any comments? I am having great difficulty with AAMCO Transmissions. I had my transmissionrebuilt in January 2000 and have a 12 month warranty that is supposed to include a rental car, towing, etc. Now they do not want to honor the warranty and are telling me that the broken speedometer, cruise control, and idle sensor problems have nothing todo with the transmission. If anyone knows where I can find a flowchart for the onboard computer, or something that explains the relationships between the sensors and the control unit, PLEASE HELP!! i am getting desperate. thanks

I love this idea for this site and will be a regular.
Subj: I need your help
Date: 10/21/00 4:26:47 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Sertac Demirezen

Hi, My name is Sertac Demirezen. I am studying at a university at Troy,Alabama. I am an international student. I bought a 94 model Subaru Impreza with 177000 miles from a subaru service in Colombus. I bought it two weeks ago. I think that it is really good condition. Its accelaration its performance is perfect.The engine's sounds pretty good Everything seems perfect. But yesterday when I opened the oil tag and put my finger in it I realized that there is some plunge inside the engine. It is not so much but when I saw it I really dissapointed and I am afraid that at the rest of the engine there can be some plunge , too.
I want to learn that how it is hazardous for my engine. Can I clean it? I heard that there are some oil adds for this kind of plunges. Is that correct? If it is would you advice me one of them?
When I first realized that I called that subaru service I bought the car and they said that they have all information about the because it's all maintance made by them. And he added that as car on 177000 miles it is normal. Then I checked it to a mechanic and he told me that if I change its oli regularly there wont me any problem.
I am sure that you have sufficient information about subaru's and I need your advice.
And also I want to learn much more informations about subaru impreza's. When I bought the car They didnt give me any user's guide or something like that.

Please reply my e-mail as soon as possible. And I want to thank for your web page. I think I will learn much more things from you.

Thank you very much,

Yours sincerely,

Sertac Demirezen
Subj: Tech Support
Date: 7/14/00 8:09:15 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Johnston, Larry W.
To: ('')
Hi Rich:

Great site. I have a 1991 Loyal wagon 4x4 and have always loved it. To date, 135,000 and not a problem other than CV boots. At the moment though (and I need to have it in tip top shape soon for my daughter in college - she can take it to the 300,000 + club), it is running hot for the first time. I too have replaced the radiator temp sensor with no luck, the fan will not kick in. My manual really doesn't give much support so I don't know if next stop is ECU, etc. To Digress a bit but get to my point, I also have a 1992 Mercury Capri 53K and a 1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse with 219K. It turns out that both cars have "club" pages with excellent member tech support. Have you got any good suggestions on where I might ask my most recently found cooling problem question? Any information is appreciated and expect me to sign up me and my daughter on the web page. Isn't the web great for things like this people from all over the planet helping other people - way Cool!! Thanks so much. Larry Johnston

Office address
Home address

...and we have a solution!...

Subj: RE: Tech Support
Date: 10/27/00 4:15:38 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Johnston, Larry W.)
To: ('')

Yes Thanks: It did turn out to be a vacumn leak that I had miss upon the first and second inspection. My daughter now has the car in Milwaukee. Thanks

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