If you wanted your Subie listed in any of these sections, you just forward digital pictures to us, with at least one shot of the whole vehicle and one of just the odometer. I will post your pictures, for just the cost of a bumper sticker.

Just click on the "Bumper Sticker" button in the navigation bar at left. You may buy just one and you may even put it on your credit card. Then when you send us digital pictures, you may also include one of the bumper sticker on your Subaru! (but you don't have to) Please make sure to say whether your odometer registers in miles or kilometers!

Vehicles over 100,000 miles
Vehicles over 200,000 miles
Vehicles over 300,000 miles
Vehicles over 400,000 miles
Vehicles over 500,000 miles
Vehicles over 600,000 miles

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