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Get a free Subaru High Mileage Club bumper sticker! Details below.

Please let us know what you would like to see with the SHMC logo on it.

(Note: we can do funky combinations like white ink on a black shirt, but our printer charges us $15.00 per screen to change ink color and requires an order of at least six.)
They're here!!!

The picture you see at the left indicates the colors we have in stock right now. They are available in S, M, L, and XL for only $15 each. You can have 2XL for $1.50 more or 3XL for $2.50 more. Also you can have them in almost any color at no extra charge if you order in sufficient quantity (usually 12 or more.) Shipping to most of the United States is available for $5.00 regardless of quantity ordered. International shipping is available. Please e-mail here with any inquiries.
These are just some examples of products we are considering having imprinted with The Subaru High Mileage Club logo (though not yet available)
Coffee cup Travel mug Tube squeezer
I call this one the "marriage saver." In each marriage there is one partner who squeezes the tube from the middle and one who knows the right way is to squeeze from the bottom. Now each can have his or her own way.

We now have Subaru High Mileage Club sun visors!

These pictures are just pre-production prototypes, but the final version will be available with different colored plexiglas.

Check out the original design below, which was professionally laid out and is now available for advance order. The price is US$1.50 each for U.S. orders or US$2.50 each for international orders. Price includes all shipping charges. Be sure to specify 100k, 200k, 300k, or 400k.

Quantity pricing is available!!!

Would you like a bumper sticker for free? They are available free of charge when installed personally on any high-mileage Subaru. Of course that means you would need to bring your Subaru some place where we are. Let us know if you are interested in becoming a dealer for Subaru High Mileage Club paraphernalia.

We looked into honoring credit cards, and you used to be able to just apply for a merchant account, the bank would give you an imprinter and a book of checks. You then placed the order, made the deposit and you could draw on the deposit right away. Now not only do you have to open the merchant account, you have to contract with a third party vendor, pay them all kinds of money up front plus a percentage of each charge and quite frankly it is just not worth the aggravation. So we are going with the Richard B. Kahn honor system: cash on the barrelhead. Personal checks are welcome for orders of any quantity from one to infinity. We will wait until the check clears. International orders will require probably some kind of international money order, payable in US$, and I do not know what is available in other countries. > Checks and money orders should be payable to:

Richard B. Kahn
147 Robinson Road
Hudson, NH 03051

Please do not make checks or money orders payable to Subaru High Mileage Club. Also, please note we charge $10 plus whatever our bank charges us for checks that are returned unpaid for any reason.

Remember how I said, "If we get a sufficiently encouraging response, then we may consider credit cards"? Well, guess what. There are several services out there that enable ANYONE to send and/or receive payments by check or credit card! The one we decided to go with is called Square. I use Square in my landscaping business to take credit card payments in person using my smartphone. Supposedly Square has the ability to have an online store for selling stuff like the SHMC merchandise. But I do not do enough business to go through the hassle of having a separate Square account for SHMC purchases. So you just tell me what you want, I will tell you what it costs, and send you an e-invoice. It will come from my landscaping business, Kahn Landscaping LLC, so if you get an invoice you will know it is me. You can pay with credit card so you know I will not stiff you. The fees are the same as the one we used to use so it will not be any more expensive.

For international customers, there are several currency conversion rate calculators out there.  The one we recommend is this one.
If you have trouble with any of the above, just send us an e-mail and we will give you a currency conversion quote good for 24 hours.

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