Sellers, if your Subaru is sold to a person who found out about your Subaru via this website, then please send an amount based on the following commission structure:   There is a publication around here that charges a commission on what it sells, up to a maximum amount.  We are adopting their structure, 1% of the sale price, up to a maximum of $50.00.

   Buyers, please make sure you tell the seller that you found out about their Subaru via this site.  Please also notify us if you inquire about a Subaru advertised here. Sellers: your ad will stay here until you notify us that your Subaru or related part is sold.

   Oh, and one other thing, you can buy anything on this site with confidence with your MasterCard or VISA using a service called  PayPal . All you need is the e-mail address of the person you want to send money to.

African Scam Warning!!!

Hello Rich!
Hope the Holiday Season has been treating you well!
I am sorry for dropping off the face of the earth for a couple of months but I have had several family emergencies and not time for anything. I'm back and ready to sell my Subie to another Subaru enthusiast!

My 1990 Silver Subaru Legacy runs but needs fuel injectors. I have driven it recently but only about a mile to move it. It purrs..but has turned up some leaks ie. power steering fluid and some oil. The interior is in great condition and the rims and tires are relatively new (have to check my receipts). I have most maintenance records and big fixes. I would like to ask for $1500.00 and that it go to an enthusiast that wants to work on it! Here are pictures and contact info:


Several visitors to the Club website have gotten inquiries from different people, allegedly from Africa, looking to purchase vehicles listed for sale here.

Those are most likely SCAMS! I have gotten several inquiries myself, allegedly from Africa, asking to purchase vehicles which I do not even own! BE VERY CAREFUL BEFORE DEALING WITH THESE PEOPLE! If someone from Africa offers to buy a vehicle from you, get US$ cash in advance, or COD if they will not send cash, or credit card. Even if they are not from Africa, be very suspicious if they are offering a price that you know is way above book value for your vehicle.

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